My Story

Krissy Galbraith

Owner + Artist
Oak and Poppy Co. LLC

Hello! I am an artist, designer, vintage-obsessed maximalist, driven by a deep-rooted passion to create, inspire, and make an impact in my community! 

Born and raised in Livermore, California, I grew up in a family of artists and craftsman. You could say it is engrained in my DNA to be a creative. I spent most of my childhood tagging along with my grandparents collecting and selling at local flea markets, thrift and antique shops. At a very young age I was taught the art of the bargain hunt! When weren't looking for the next treasure I was in their workshop watching what I can only describe as pure magic–turning trash into treasure. I can still smell the lingering scent of sawdust which will always be one that I cherish. I didn’t know it at the time, but these creative adventures planted a seed that would blossom into the artisan I would become. 

Fast forward, today, I am an artist and designer, wife, and mom of two boys and the most adorable basset hound. We lead a pretty “full-life” (which is a nicer way to say chaotic). I often work long hours behind a desk, taking care of home and family around the clock. As much as I love my "day-job" as a graphic designer, I felt a constant pull to get back to my roots–making things by hand.

Painting has always been where I thrive. At 14, my dad taught me how to paint my first oil landscape and I fell in love. It is only while I paint that I feel 100% present and connected to my craft. Whether it’s on canvas, paper, furniture, or a wall–painting is not only therapeutic but is how I express myself best. As you can imagine, I was a bit unsettled when I realized as a 40-year-old graphic designer that my dream job was to paint! In the midst of the pandemic, it was then, I realized that life is too short to not do what I love. So, I decided to take the leap, follow my dreams, and Oak and Poppy Co. was born.

Oak and Poppy Co. is the evolution of my art and design skills combined with my passion for vintage finds. I am a firm believer that creativity has no boundaries–I’ve never been one to stick to one niche, medium, or canvas. This is what makes Oak and Poppy Co. unique. I like to blur the line between fine art and furnishings creating one-of-a-kind pieces that celebrate color, pattern, and nature while cultivating a home of creativity and growth. After the past couple of years, our home has become so much more–office, school, studio, and sanctuary. In my opinion, the elements that make your house a home should nurture the soul and be a place where you can let your imagination run wild. 

My hope is that my art and eclectic furnishings can be a source of inspiration, feed your creative spirit, and add whimsy to your life. I am so happy you’re here and thrilled to share this journey with you! 




Krissy M. Galbraith
Owner + Artist 

Oak and Poppy Co. LLC.